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We all found ourselves having to spend more hours at home as we were forced to work from home as Covid-19 took hold globally.

And that really showed us that it is important to have a comfortable home. With everyone forced to social distance, single-family housing has thrived. Nobody could have imagined how a global pandemic would substantially alter our lives and working styles.

As the pandemic eases, the workspace is witnessing an acceleration in the change in future employment, as many businesses are considering a new hybrid virtual model that combines remote and on-site work, with some staff working on-site and some working from home. So yes, many of us are returning to the office, particularly in Southern Africa, and here in Zimbabwe, but certainly, we have started to see that having a space where we can work ‘from home’ even one or two days a week, makes a tremendous difference.

What does that space look like for you?
After more than a year of remote work operations, employers are increasingly adapting to the new work structure. As a result, businesses are seeing greater productivity and investing in better technology to enable more workers to work from home.

As Mukamba Urban Developers we have decided to take up the responsibility to build spaces that can assist us to ‘work from home’ but also to live from home! We have as Mukamba, really focused a lot of our time on working through how we grow cities that our children will love and keep them safe.
So in the next few months, we will be building apartments that are self-sufficient and suitable for work.
“Children are a kind of indicator species. If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people.”
Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor of Bogotá

In 2022, Mukamba will be building apartments within the Hopelyn Estate development.
Mukamba has been working in property development for the past seven years. As Mukamba we believe that everyone deserves a chance to own a home of their own if they want one.

Mukamba Urban Developers is a unique partner because of the relationships it holds, with all elements in the value chain. These relationships give confidence in the ability to deliver units to market. From understanding what the customer both wants and can afford, as well as the investment teams needed to maximize value, Mukamba Urban Developers work with all the partners in the middle to get the very best solution to market. Mukamba Urban Developers are one of the only teams that can bring the entire value chain together so that a seamless product can be produced.

The team that makes up Mukamba Urban Developers has been involved in land development, engineering, construction and urban development for more than 30 years. Although the company itself is a start-up, (meaning no baggage), there is a history, learning and energy from all its parts.

Contact us for more information.

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