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Housing is a basic need as stated in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and without access to it, man’s existence ceases to be feasible. ‘Affordable’ housing has been termed as housing in which the cost of rent or mortgage payment is not more than 30% of household income for households in the lowest 40% of the income range.

Affordability has been a constraint faced by many in regard to owning a property, due to this, solutions are required which will make acquiring a property more affordable and all accessible.

Shelter Afrique, a Pan African Financial Institution availed US $25 million loan to the Government of Zimbabwe for the provision of affordable housing. The institution also has made plans to introduce a rent to own scheme through which we will see many people accessing home ownership once rentals have been paid over a period of years.

A development firm in Zimbabwe is introducing the leasehold model as a way of providing ‘affordability’. This will increase the range of people acquiring property as it will remove the bulk cost of land. This is a new concept that is mostly done in developed countries. In this concept, the property owner acquires the building and the developer will lease the land. The land rentals have been estimated to cost between US $30.00 and US $50.00, and will be run for 50 years.

In Kenya, investors are making affordability a key priority. An affordable housing project is currently being developed in Ruta area. This development will have a mix of studio, one bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.

In South Africa, the build-to-rent model is gaining momentum and this has been seen as an effective way of overcoming the housing shortage caused by the ‘income problem’. The model will be an effective return to investors.

With such great strides made by players to invest in affordable housing, we as Mukamba Urban Developers are developing a rent to buy scheme in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as a means of providing affordability. If interested in the scheme, do click on the provided link to take part in our survey.
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