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Numerous articles have been published this year, regarding the construction of flats, in line with the Governments’ policy on densification as stated in the Zimbabwe National Human Settlements Policy, which was approved in 2022, which sees the development of “high-rise” flats in high-density and rural areas. 1 

The policy states that 40% of land for human settlement development must be reserved for the construction of flats2. This is a view supported by Ndiweni (2011)3, who recommends the construction of flats, as a measure of tackling the housing problem stating that, “they are cost effective on land consumption because they require smaller pieces of land, as compared to single units in high- density areas.” 

Multi-storey structures have the following advantages as postulated by Ndiweni (2011);  

  • Save land as more families are housed, 
  • Encourage communication between neighbours, 
  • Improve aesthetics of an area as they rise above other structures, 
  • The structures of flats are durable due to the reinforced steel.  

The Bulawayo City Council unveiled plans to develop a new medium-density suburb, that will include flats, and townhouse clusters and this will curb the illegal spread of settlements and promote modern housing. 4 

An estimated 400 blocks of “high-rise” flats will be constructed in rural areas5 nationwide, commencing this year. Through a Public-Private Partnership, a pilot project will start in Mutawatawa, Mashonaland East Province which will see the development of more than ten thousand housing units and “skyscrapers.”  

Whilst, the shortage of housing in Zimbabwe can be addressed by building tall structures. it’s important to carefully consider the unique challenges that come with constructing upwards, such as the requirement for having specialized engineering and construction techniques. 

Mukamba Urban Developers is committed in playing a role in solving the housing shortage in Zimbabwe, and are connecting with various stakeholders to achieve this. 

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