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As part of our series on Bulawayo #CityOnTheRise, we at Mukamba, have been drawing together articles, research, interviews and stories from the 2nd city in Zimbabwe. If you enjoy this article or are inspired, please contact us.

Bulawayo #CityOnTheRise: Article 1 of 8

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, has immense potential for growth due to its strategic geographic location. Being situated in the Excellent Triangle economic region linking South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Bulawayo offers competitive advantages for businesses.

A major factor in Bulawayo’s development is its strategic location and connectivity. As a major rail hub since the pre-independence period, Bulawayo connects Lusaka and Gaborone, the capital cities of Zambia and Botswana. This infrastructure has enabled Bulawayo to develop as a regional export hub, driving warehousing and industrial businesses (Majuru, 2023).  Bulawayo’s strategic positioning attracts economic activity and drives urban development. The growth of warehousing and industries has led to increased demand for commercial and residential properties, evidenced by growing numbers of land developers in the city providing affordable housing options (Zikhali, 2018).

The city’s location has also attracted thriving industries like leather and textiles. Proximity to cattle regions makes it ideal for leather processing and manufacturing. Similarly, its location near cotton growing areas benefits textile companies. These industries provide employment and contribute to the city’s development.

In conclusion, Bulawayo’s strategic location has fueled both its urban development and industry growth. This advantageous positioning attracts businesses, contributing to the city’s economic growth.


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